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Easy to prepare platter ideas

Looking for some inspiration? Try these delicious platter combinations;

  • Sopressa, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Kalamata Olives

  • Prosciutto with Lemon zest, Thyme, Chèvre and Grissini

  • Cacciatore, roasted red Capsicum, Pesto and Goats curd

  • Pork Rillette, pickled Quince, Cornichons and Parsley salad

  • Smoked Chicken, Beetroot jam, Double brie and Basil

1. Keep it simple

When I think of platters I think Antipasto - choose 3 or 4 ingredients that go well together so that if flavours blend whilst people are helping themselves there will be in harmony!

2. Use the best ingredients you can

Platters are the most simple way of entertaining - so you want the produce to be stunning. The wonderful thing about Antipasto meats is that the extra price per kilogram to buy fantastic quality only really adds a few cents to your food costs. As the meats are so thinly sliced, allow around 50 gm of sliced meat per person as a serve.

3. Add colour & zing!

We eat with our eyes first - make sure you have something that adds colour to your plate like Basil, Parsley or Thyme - try grating the zest of Orange or Lemon over cured meats like Prosciutto, Lacshinken, Coppacolla or Pancetta - not only does it add colour, it tastes wonderful too. In order to have contrast choose a white cheese to go on your platter that would go well with small goods / Antipasto - like Buffalo Mozzarella, Chèvre, Goats curd, Ricotta or something similar.

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