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Saskia Beer grew up surrounded by the principles of good farming and honest cooking through mother Maggie’s restaurant, The Pheasant Farm, and father Colin’s game bird farming.

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An affinity for food led Saskia to train as a chef and it wasn’t long before she realised that quality produce was not easy to source.

With the establishment of Saskia Beer Farm Produce in 1997, Saskia answered this niche, employing knowledge gained from her parents to create full-flavoured produce through tailored farming practices designed for maximum flavour.

In growing Saskia Beer Farm Produce, Saskia embarked on some Australian first programs, such as milk fed lamb, suckling pigs and game, including ducks, geese, guineafowl, and turkeys. Farming and the food industry can be fickle masters and in order to cope with the circumstances of each, Saskia designed a range of products made from the animals she was producing, including whole chooks, marylands and breasts, pies, sausages, terrines, rillettes, ballotines, and smoked goods.


Throughout this journey Saskia Beer Farm Produce has remained seasonal, free range and chemical free by maintaining close relationships with local farmers. With this approach, Saskia can control the flavour and texture of her produce by managing every step including diet, exercise, sunlight hours, and age of the animals.

For marketing or media enquiries please contact Lindsey Hoad at

The Gourmet Guerrilla.

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