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We were  thrilled to be one of the South Australian winners of the 2016 Delicious Australia Produce Awards for our Pheasants!

Our  free range Pheasants are raised on our own special vegetarian ration and are free ranged from 3 weeks until 13 weeks. Then they reside inside a spacious holding yard which is open sided and are feed an enriched corn diet to get a lovely fat layer, which makes them wonderful quick cook roasting birds, ideal for braising or pot roasting, poaching or cooking in stock.

Birds weigh between .900g and 1.1kg and serves 4-6 as an entrée or 2- 4 people as a main course.  Seasonal – Please enquire to find out availability.

Please note: Pheasants are frozen immediately after processing and will be sent frozen by refrigerated courier, pleases keep frozen until required then defrost in the fridge. Pheasants must be consumed within 7 days after being defrosted.

Free Range Pheasant

  • Saskia Beer Corn fed free Range Pheasant

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