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Please note all breast products are delivered raw.


It all started with the humble chook. A sustainable, free-range, luscious, mouth-watering Barossa chook no less. And almost two decades later, our superior flavoured, free-range birds are the choice of leading chefs and discerning home cooks.

All production is small scale, with low stocking densities, specially designed shelters and grazing yards, home grown grains and supplementary feeds – all of which provide an idyllic environment for our poultry and livestock. And you can taste it in every mouthful.

Free Range Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Breast Twin Pack

  • Chicken (free range), Vegetable oil, Preserved lemon, Verjuice and Rosemary.

    We have banned meat meal, blood meal, fish meal or any animal by product from being present in our feeds. Our birds diet is 100% vegetarian, based on corn and totally unique in Australia.

  • We deliver by courier to selected metro areas in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. We ask that you are home to accept delivery.  


    Delivery Windows: Shipments are despatched every Tuesday to arrive in Victoria by Wednesday, Sydney by Thursday - Friday and South Australia Wednesday - Friday.

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