The humble chook is the foundation of our Saskia Beer’s Farm Produce range and includes:

  • Whole Chooks (ranging between 1.5 – 3.5 kg)
  • Chicken portions
  • Chicken livers
  • Marinated chicken portions
  • Prepared chicken catering dishes
  • Chicken Terrines and Rilletes
  • Chicken stock and glaze

Our philosophy is based on sustainability. That means using the whole bird! Not only do we have a range of ready to cook take home chicken options, but we use every part of each Barossa chicken to make delicacies including terrines, rilletes, stocks and glazes.

We are happy to talk with our customers about producing special items specifically for their needs, and have provided many specialist dishes for restaurants and caterers over the years.

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Differences in Our Products
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Barossa Chooks are a properly grown up bird.

What we mean is – we let them grow longer to develop flavour and character. And we firmly believe they are the best roasting bird in the country and will deliver top results whether being poached, steamed, steeped, baked or barbecued.

Barossa Chooks have extra intramuscular fat and are larger because they are grown longer. The meat is slightly darker because they are free to roam and develop their muscles naturally.

Juicy, delicious and without doubt very different from your average bird! Our birds taste “the way chicken used to”.

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